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Emergency Locksmith

If you are in a lockout situation do not hesitate to call us at Locksmith Bellevue, there is no better service out there that will provide you such a good assistance at a good price. Read More

Automotive Locksmith

Being stuck out of your car is a very common situation these days and can be very damaging to your plans if not managed properly. There could be lots of places where you might have left the keys inside your vehicle. Read More

Commercial Locksmith

When it comes to protecting your business from robberies and provide it with a high level of safety, there is no locksmith around that can keep up with the vast amount of experience of Locksmith Bellevue. Read More

Residential Locksmith

There are no other locksmith professionals around like the ones at Locksmith Bellevue. With our amazing skills and knowledge of locks and security measures, you have no better option. Read More
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Bellevue Locksmith

Welcome to Bellevue Locksmith Company. Bellevue Locksmith is a trusted source and provides full locksmith services, including all types of residential, commercial, industrial and automotive locksmith needs. If you are looking for a locksmith in Bellevue for your emergency, auto, residential or commercial lockouts, you have come to the right place. We provide different locks change, make new keys, change transponder keys, rekey, repair and install push-bar systems, and provide many more vital locksmith services. It doesn’t matter if you have new or old locks; Bellevue Locksmith is always here to help you and guarantees you the best service with the best market price. All of our locksmiths are well trained and have the best tools and highest quality products to use for your needs. We offer simple keys and locks, as well as high-tech keys and locks – it is all about our customers and what their respective needs are.

Why Choose Us

Bellevue Locksmith is a local company, and therefore, we can be at your location in less than 20 minutes. There are many locksmith companies that providing locksmith services in Bellevue, but they are not local. If you want immediate assistance, you would want to look for a local company to call. A technician from any company outside of Bellevue would take one to two hours just to arrive at your location since they would be traveling from a different city. And in a time of emergency, you can’t afford to wait that long. So, if you need locksmith services in Bellevue, call a local company – just like us! Our main goal at Bellevue Locksmith is to provide our customers with fast and friendly locks and security services technician. Our trained, professional technicians are more than capable of handling your lock or security problems, no matter how simple or complicated they might be.
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Our Customer Services

We want to make customer service our top priority, remaining fast and responsive, and allowing our customers to feel secure when choosing Bellevue Locksmith. Therefore, Bellevue Locksmith provides service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – including holidays. Our company will provide you with a full-service package, including sales, services, and installation. When you call us and ask for locksmith service in Bellevue, you will get a quick response, and our technician will be at your location in less than 20 minutes. At our company, we have our mobile technicians on the road all day and all night, providing you fast and affordable service. If you locked yourself outside of your truck or home and it’s late at night, don’t worry! Call Bellevue Locksmith and we will come to you in a flash. At Bellevue Locksmith, we provide a variety of locksmith services and we keep our customers happy by providing more than one service at the same time. Any residential, commercial, or automotive services that you might need – or even more than just one – we can do it all! We will help you with any locksmith’s project you need without you needing to call us multiple times to schedule different services.

Our Products & Services

Residential services

Many of Bellevue’s customers have chosen Bellevue Locksmith for our quality products and the services we provide. We offer the latest in locksmith parts, tools, and services in Bellevue, WA. Bellevue Locksmith can tailor security designs to any budget. Here at Bellevue Locksmith, we understand the importance in defending you home, which is the main protection for your loved ones. We understand that when you lose the key to your house you need immediate assistance because nobody wants to leave their front door open while they are not home. So, if you are looking for a residential locksmith service in Bellevue, call us to schedule an appointment or to have us come to your place on the same day – within 20 minutes! We offer 24/7 locksmith services that provide the following:
  • Safe installation and repairs
  • House lockout emergency services
  • Lock installation and repairs
  • New key cutting
  • Key duplicating
  • Re-keying (any kind of key)
  • Fresh installations
  • Master system re-keying
  • Garage door repairs
  • Garage door lock changes
residential services
Commercial services

Commercial services

If you have a business in Bellevue and you are looking for a locksmith in Bellevue, our Locksmith Company is here to help you with any of your locksmith situations. We know how it can be very frustrating and stressful when you find out that one of your employees has lost their key to your business. Now you need to change all of your business locks to make sure your business is safe again! And yet – you don’t have any reason to be worried, because here at Bellevue Locksmith we offer 24/7 commercial services, and we can be at your location on the same day that you need us. You don’t need to schedule an appointment for a different day. At Bellevue Locksmith, all of our technicians are highly trained with the right skills to resolve your problem and assist you with any kind of commercial locksmith services you need. So relax and call us today – we will take it from there.

Automotive Services

Car door locks are constantly being modified and they are becoming ever more complicated as technology improves. Here at Bellevue Locksmith we can help you with any kind of door locks. From the simplest ones to the most advanced. When it comes to your car, you don’t want anyone that is not professionally trained to try and fix it, because they can cause immense and costly damage to your car. Bellevue Locksmith has the most professional team to help you and fix your lock without causing any damage to your lock or car. Bellevue locksmith is a reliable, professional and affordable Company that offers all kinds of locksmith services – with full product and job guarantee. We are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – any time you need us. We can perform any locksmith job you need, and we will offer you the lowest price on the market. In fact, we guarantee to beat any quote you might already have from a different locksmith company. Call Bellevue Locksmith at 425-242-4516! We will be more than happy to assist you.
Automotive Services

If you have a business in Bellevue and you are looking for a locksmith in Bellevue