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Enter Bellevue Locksmith ! The very best Locksmith Service in Washington. We are passionate workers, deeply committed to serving our beloved city from the moment we entered the business. Bellevue Locksmith has been here for a while. Following the inauguration of the Evergreen Point Floating Bridge in the early 60’s, the spectacular economic growth of the city attracted lots of visitors and people looking to settle down. Security became a top priority soon enough, so we decided to establish a lock install and replacement service. We kept it simple at the beginning, but when we noticed there were more and more customers asking for our help, we knew we had something big. By 1967, we opened our first store with a little workshop behind. We covered a lot of neighborhoods and started to get the attention of new businesses looking for better security measures. Our dedicated work and innovation made us a reputation, and three years later we began to hire professional locksmiths and getting young trainees. By 1972, our official business headquarter was located in the Bellevue Square, the largest shopping center in the city, and we have been there since then. The city lost its suburban status and became a flourishing metropolis with a high-tech heart. This advent of skyscrapers and new technologies forced us to adapt, as simple locking mechanisms were not enough to protect properties from burglars. We were one of the first to understand this, so we diversified our services and hired professionals from different areas including mechanical engineers, risk analysts, electricians and even software developers. The results? Bellevue Locksmith is the most hired locksmith service in the city and its surroundings; we give our workers a great career opportunity, and keep improving the feeling of safeness of our customers. We may be old, but never obsolete!
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